Suits- Season 5- All you need to know

Suits - Season 5

SUITS — Pictured: (l-r) Patrick J. Adams as Michael Ross, Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter — (Photo by: Shane Mahood/USA Network)

I just finished watching the final episode of Suits and I have to say, its been a whirlwind of emotions all through the season. The final few episodes are all about Mike and Harvey trying to find the optimal solution to their problem i.e. keeping Pearson Specter Litt (PSL) out of trouble and also keeping Mike out of jail. As the final two episodes progress, we find out more and more about why Anita Gibbs is probably the best match so far to the infamous Harvey Specter.

The final two episodes give two options to Mike: either go to jail or turn over on Harvey and Jessica. Mike has a decision to make and either side he looses something. Rachel wants him to turn over so they could have their happily ever after but turning over on others is against Mike’s principles. Against all odds Mike decides that he will be his own attorney at the trial to showcase his abilities as a lawyer and get the jury to see his abilities as a Harvard educated lawyer. Harvey is against the idea at the beginning of the episode but he gets around to it knowing that if he is the attorney, their chances of winning the case are very slim. In this whole debacle, we come across Mike’s gigantic ego again where he thinks he is better than everyone else including Harvey. I personally think that Mike’s character could have been a little more subdued showing that he appreciates the law more instead of making him even more egoistic.

Moving forward, Mike puts all cards in play and uses his previous colleagues to vouch for his time at Harvard. In return, Anita Gibbs brings out Trevor and even pits Louis against Mike by offering him a deal. The biggest turning point is when Jessica takes all the blame and tells Anita Gibbs point blank that it was all her idea to hire Mike Ross and he is the best Harvard educated lawyer PSL has ever hired. I thought Jessica Pearson’s character is the best thus far even though she is a complete hypocrite. But then again, on this show who isn’t, including Jack Soloff.

Another angle in the final episodes is the relationship between Donna and Harvey. We do come across the fact that even though Harvey is the best closer in the city, he is still a coward in terms of admitting that he loves Donna. He also takes till the final episode to realize that he is ready to take the blame if it comes to it instead of sending Mike to jail. As the season comes to a close, we see Mike showing extraordinary courage by denying Anita Gibbs deal and taking the plunge to go to jail instead of selling out. Harvey is distraught that he couldn’t talk Mike out of his decision. Jessica waives the non-compete for all PSL employees as Robert Zane comes all guns blazing for PSL employees. PSL is now with bare bones staff and the final scene shows the associates bullpen empty with Jessica and Louis contemplating next steps. Mike decides against marrying Rachel until he gets out and that makes the Zane family happy. Harvey drops off Mike at the jail and ends with the words “Watch your back in there, Mike” and rightfully so. Finally he has to pay for his wrongdoings. I think the ending was decent and if it had ended with Mike getting out of jail, it would not have been a good ending to this season. Even though Mike has helped a lot of people during his time in the legal profession, if he got out of prison time because of his wits or any deal, the audience would not have felt sorry for the guy in the next season. With him spending time in prison, the next season would be a worthwhile watch and the audience would root for the guy too.

My prediction is that Mike comes out jail before his sentence is finished and becomes a sole practitioner or chooses another profession i.e. Investment Banking. Either way, i think the show will be interesting to watch in Season 6.

Suits- Season 5

Rating- 3.5 out of 5



Suits- Season 5 review


Suits is a show that has grown on me as I watched more episodes. PS- binging on Netflix does make you a fan of the show even if you dont want to be. Anyways, here is my review of the second half of Season 5 of Suits or as I like to call it Season 5.5

Warnings- Spoilers after this———————

With Season 4 we found out that Rachel and Mike are ready to get married and Harvey is working through the problem of not working at Pearson Specter Litt (PSL) after making the deal with Charles Fortsman. Now first things first, I thought the whole drama with Hardman and Forstman working together was a little far fetched. I mean how much control can a guy have while he is sitting in jail. But regardless it made for a good tv episode and I enjoyed the season finale. As the finale unfolds, Mike decides that he will be leaving the firm and start a new life with Rachel. All hell breaks loose when Mike is taken in custody by the US Dept of Justice for charges of fraud. Rachel is shocked, Harvey and Donna try to figure out the next move.

As Season 5.5 unfolded, I became more and more engaged to the show as this whole time, both Mike and Harvey were solving other people’s problems. This time its hitting home for them. The story of Rachel’s father- Robert Zane showing up in the holding room where Mike is kept is one of the best scenes of the first few episodes. Their chemistry took a whole new turn. Mike gets out on bail by proving once again that he is one smart guy who is cocky as ever about his magical superpowers of pictographic memories. They do come across the woman who is by far the best match to Harvey Specter and Jessica Pearson- Anita Gibbs, who is the prosecution lawyer from US Dept of Justice.

Now everything is up for grabs in this season, everyone is trying to cover the bases of every single person who knows about Mike’s secret. The list includes everyone- Dana Scott, Louis Litt, Trevor, The priest from Mike’s home town church, Jenny. Harvey tries to confront Dana is she mentioned his secret to anyone, she denies ever talking to anyone and we can see clearly that Dana loves Harvey too much to say anything that would jeopardize his reputation. Meanwhile, Mike confronts Trevor to make sure there was no slip up on his part. Then they realize that the slip up was due to an article written on a law journal and Sheila Sazs checked out the Harvard database to see if Mike Ross ever went to Harvard.

Louis is the one who realized that the Harvard faculty email address that was used for the anonymous email tip to Anita Gibbs came from Sheila. Everyone tries to discredit the evidence and Louis sends Sheila out of the country to avoid being in the city for the trial. As i write this review, we are on Episode 14 and the season is getting more and more gritty. Highlights for me in the episodes I have seen are: Mike representing himself, Harvey questioning Rachel in front of the entire firm, Louis and Sheila scenes. The one scene that sealed the deal for me is when Jessica Pearson looks Anita Gibbs straight in the eye and tells her that she hired Mike, it was her decision to keep him there the entire time and that he is the best Harvard educated lawyer she has ever hired.

Towards the end of episode 14, as i watched the ending, one after another punches were thrown by Anita Gibbs and Harvey and Mike were struggling. Thats when one of Mike’s previous colleagues, Jimmy shows up and testifies that he remembers Mike from Harvard. Anita Gibbs also pokes holes in Jimmy’s testimony and it ends up being bad for Mike that he ever asked Jimmy for help.

Trevor’s testimony scene is an amazing one too as the past history of him and jenny come into question and the whole fact is that Trevor was jealous of Mike the whole time.

Overall, the fight between Anita Gibbs and Harvey Specter is a delight to watch. I am so excited that there is a Season 6 coming as well, so we all know that there is a good chance Mike gets out of this unscathed.

I sure am looking forward to the next episode.



Review- Star Trek- Into Darkness


The first Star Trek movie was a movie defining moment for all fans of the franchise and the ones that weren’t. The second movie was promised to be a stand alone movie by JJ Abrams before the trailers came out for it. There is always two crowds that watch the Star Trek movies. One- Trekkies and the other- Non-Trekkies (wannabe Trekkies). This movie is satisfying for both groups of fans. I consider myself to be in between a wannabe trekkie and a full blown trekkie as I did not watch the tv shows. I had played a role in The Wrath of Khan play in high school drama class. Ever since then I was part of the Starfleet fan base.

The movie starts of with Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) and Bones (Karl Urban) running through a primitive planet where the USS Enterprise is sent on a mission to observe the species and to turn off an erupting volcano to save the planet. The first twist in the movie come in about 10 minutes into the movie when Kirk defies the rule of saving one person’s life over giving up the identity of the ship to the primitive species. The friendship between Spock and Kirk is developed to a great detail in this movie and it is one of the most enduring factors that makes the movie more interesting.

The story starts off when Kirk is fired for not obeying the rule of Starfleet and both him and his crew are re-assigned to other ships. The bar scene between Bruce Greenwood and Chris Pine is a great one which shows how much a father figure Admiral Pike is to Kirk. We see the introduction of the main negative character in the movie very early in the movie. Benedict Cumberbatch plays Commander John Harrison and is outstanding in the movie. His intro scene gives you chills as he keeps his calm and composed demeanor with a British accent of course. That does add to it. John Harrison has a vendetta against Starfleet as he was one of them and the movie revolved around how far he is willing to go to make they pay. There is one cameo in the movie. Anyone who saw the previous Star Trek in 2009, will guess it if given three tries or even 1 depending on if you are trekkie or not.

The action in the movie is outstanding, more importantly the CGI is top notch (watch out of the scene where Kirk is jetting through space from one ship to another). The director brings his sense of being a “trekkie” to the movie and it pays off greatly to every fans delight. In 2013 so far, I have yet to see a movie with so many twists and turns. The tongue and cheek scenes between Uhura and Spock are a great addition to the movie. It also plays to the playboyish personality of Captain Kirk when he is put in between the two of them. Overall, the screenplay is great to begin with, and with some editing in the middle of the movie, it would have been simply top notch. The background score also adds a zing to the movie and works great especially in the outer space scenes.

In conclusion, I would say the movie is one hell of an entertainer for the masses. I watched it in 3D and was not disappointed AT ALL.

Rating- 4/5

Star Trek Into Darkness is in theaters now.

Review- Iron Man 3

Robert Downey Jr. is back with a bang.

Robert Downey Jr. is back with a bang.

First things first, I am a huge Iron Man fan and this review is from a person who would go watch the new Iron Man movie even if the movie sucked. Having said that, this movie is probably on top of the list for the ones I am excited about for this year. I had planned to watch this movie the first day for about couple of months. I had seen the trailer close to 20 times by the time I saw the movie, so yes I was just like the the other fans of the Marvel franchise.

The lineup started about 2 hours before the movie and it was guaranteed to be a full house given that it was a Friday. I went in with huge expectations and especially perception of how The Mandarin would play out. In terms of the story, it all starts with Tony Stark and how the story from The Avengers and the New York plot haunts him and leads to amnesia. He continues to work and develop his Iron Man suit(s) with major technological improvements. The improvements and how the suit is armed is one of the highlight of every Iron Man movie, which is the case in this instalment as well.

The story revolves around how the Mandarin is wrecking havoc and spreading terror within America and people are turning to Tony Stark to respond to him. One attack after another, the Mandarin doesn’t stop until he gets to the President of the United States (POTUS). One cool scene is where POTUS is inside the suit and I wont destroy it for people who have still to watch the movie. But its a really cool scene.

The movie shows a different side of RDJ as most of the movie he is without the suit. Its a more human story than the previous instalments. The bad guy i.e. Mandarin is a great character and Ben Kingsley is stellar in the role. One thing I will say about the Mandarin is that, the character does not turn out the way you would usually expect from a blockbuster movie. RDJ is awesome as usual in the title role. Pepper Potts i.e. Gwyneth Paltrow is “hot” in the movie and plays a much bigger role which is a great addition to the story line. The reason why I put hot in quotes is something viewers will understand after they see the movie. Don Cheadle is a great side kick for RDJ and plays it brilliantly. His character should be developed further in the upcoming movies as he is a great actor and should be playing a bigger role in the franchise.

The action in the movie is also first rate which is a great asset to the moviegoer especially recent fans who dont really care about the story line and are there primarily for the action. Overall, the movie has a great story, awesome acting by the actors and superb continuation of the Marvel heroes franchise. Make sure to stay for the end credits scene and you will catch a glimpse of another actor from the recent Avengers movie with RDJ. I expected a more dramatic scene in the end credits but it was still fine as both the actors were very funny in that scene. In terms of box office, Iron Man 3 is the second highest opening of all time only surpassed by another Marvel movie “The Avengers”. A must watch movie for all ages.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Iron Man 3 is in theatres now

Review- Admission


Tina Fey and Paul Rudd in one movie. What comes to mind. Funny, decent jokes, maybe money’s worth. I could end the review right here and it would probably be fine. But in the interest of writer’s conscience, I shall continue. So all of the above are accurate representation of the movie called Admission. Its got the very funny Tina Fey and equally talented and funny Paul Rudd. The story is about an admissions counselor from Princeton University and how she deals with the fact that she might have an adult son.

The story begins with Tina Fey and her systematic life as an admissions officer. Her character Portia Nathan is not the biggest fan of one of her colleagues who wants the top job of Director of Admissions for Princeton when the boss retires. She gets emails and calls all the time from potential schools wanting her to come in for a recruitment presentation. One particular school that keeps calling her is Paul Rudd’s school which is has a weird way of teaching kids.

Portia accepts the invitation to come in for a recruitment presentation and the story changes completely when she finds out one of the students is her son when she had gotten pregnant in her 20’s. To further complicate the story, the kid wants to go to Princeton for his university education. The second half of the movie revolves around what a mother is willing to do for a son (possibly hers) in order for him to get into Princeton. The ending is very expected in terms of what is expected to happen. I couldn’t help but think that Paul Rudd is taking that angle just so the kid could get into Princeton. I particularly liked the scenes with Tina Fey and her mother as they are the funniest scenes in the entire movie.

In terms of characters, Paul Rudd is okay and in his usual form of comedy. Tina Fey is the star of the movie. Her awkward and sarcastic sense of humor is what gets the movie going. Overall, its a good movie to watch on a weekend when you are bored. Would I recommend going to the theater to watch it. Probably not, unless you are bored and want to get out of the house.

Rating- 2.5/5

Admission is in select theaters now.

Review- Olympus Has Fallen

Olympus Has Fallen

The story of The White House under siege and one ex Secret Service agent’s attempt to save the President of the United States.

When you have Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman in one movie, it deserves to be seen at least once in a theater. Before I begin to talk about the movie, I should preface by saying that this story would only be possible in a movie and would not be a feasible in real life. One of the dialogues in the movie is “I took down the White House in 13 minutes.”. When I heard that, I thought to myself that this story in a movie is awesome but would not be a real life situation for sure. Alright, now that we have gotten that out of the way, lets get to the characters first.

Aaron Eckhart plays Ben Asher who is POTUS (President of the United States), Gerrard Butler plays Mike Banning, an ex Special Forces who is in the President’s Secret Service detail. Morgan Freeman plays Allan Tumbull, The Speaker of the House. Other charachters include Angela Bassett, Head of Secret Service, Ashley Judd as Margaret Asher, The First Lady and Finley Jacobsen as Connor Asher, Son of POTUS.

The movie starts in Camp David where the First Family is vacationing. They are getting ready to depart and tragedy strikes when one of the presidential limousines crashes. Banning is able to save POTUS but is not able to save the First Lady. Flash forward the movie continues with Banning being moved out of the President’s detail into a desk job at the Department of Justice. Tragedy strikes when he sees a plane circling over the White House and firing missiles. His instincts make him run into the White House and save the President.

The scenes where the attack takes place are very gripping and makes you think what would happen if this did occur in real life. Antoine Fuqua shows his talent as a great director of action scenes during the attack sequences. In terms of the story plot, the chain of events are very loosely tied together. Once the attackers get inside the White House, their motives deal with the Korean peninsula crisis. How it plays out on the screen is a whole different thing. In my opinion the plot gets thinner and thinner as you get into mid movie.

However, in terms of performances, Gerard Butler is top notch. You dont even realize that this guy is Scottish. His accent is completely American. I know, I did notice that 🙂 Morgan Freeman is commanding on the screen which is not new for the veteran actor. Aaron Eckhart plays a good role as the President, but the casting could have been a bit better. I got out of the movie thinking, what if another actor had played this role.

As that thought was crossing my mind, my friend told me that there is another movie coming out with the same premise. Its called White House Down starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx. First thing that crossed my mind is, they got it right in terms of casting for the President, but probably did not cast the right for the guy saving the President in the movie. The ideal casting in my opinion would be Gerard Butler as the good guy and Jamie Foxx or even Bruce Greenwood as the President (he played it in the National Treasure series already).

Rating- 2.5/5

Olympus has Fallen is in theaters now.

Review- Life of Pi

The story of a Tiger and a young boy lost at sea.

The story of a Tiger and a young boy lost at sea.

It is tough for me to write a review for a movie which has already won the Best Picture at the 2013 Academy Awards. During the past years, I have tried to watch all the movies nominated for Oscars right after the awards. I was following the same process this year and after the awards show, I watched “Life of Pi” while traveling from Toronto to Windsor. I have to start by saying that, this movie will change the way you think about basic things in life which includes water, food, courage and standing up for yourself.

The movie starts off with a writer in Canada trying to get a book published about the story of Pi Patel, an Indian immigrant to Canada from Pondicherry, India. His full name is Piscine Molitor Patel and was named after a pool in France. The movie also deals with childhood bullying in India due to weird names that parents give their children. To avoid being called “Pissing Patel” the whole time, he changes his name to Pi (the math symbol). The charachter of the young boy is very endearing to watch specially in scenes where his love for animals is shown. The first major scene to setup the relationship between the two main characters happens when Pi tries to feed the Royal Bengal Tiger (Richard Parker). His father pulls him away from the tiger and teaches him a lesson about the behavior of tiger’s by putting a goat in front of the tiger and making Pi watch how a carnivorous animal jumps on the prey.

The character of Pi is developed to be a curious, free flowing individual when Pi decides to follow Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. As he is trying to figure out his life in India, one day his father decides to sell their zoo animals and move to Winnipeg, Canada. They decide to move to Canada through a Japanese cargo ship and take all the animals with them. Disaster strikes and the ship is hit with a storm and Pi is not able to save his parents. He ends up on a life boat with an injured zebra and an orangutan. As Pi comes to senses with the reality of the situation, he is also joined by a hyena who ends up killing the zebra and orangutan. As Pi realizes that he is next, suddenly a tiger jumps out of the tarp of the boat and kills the hyena. This scene changes so fast that you put yourself in Pi’s shoes and imagine one question “Would I rather be killed by a hyena or a Royal Bengal Tiger?”

As the story progresses at sea, the story revolves around how both of them keep away from each other as long as there is food and water to keep them alive. The constant up and down in the screenplay keeps you thinking what would be happening next and whether the tiger will kill Pi or the other way around (yes, that thought did cross my mind). Without giving much away from the movie, the best scene in the movie in my opinion is the goodbye scene between the tiger and Pi. The way the director has dealt with ending the ordeal of Pi and Richard Parker is very commendable. I will also mention the screenwriter David Magee who has beautifully adapted Yann Martel’s book with the same name into a brilliant screenplay.

Moving to the awards, I think that while I was watching the movie I already knew that this movie had to win the Best Cinematography or Visual Effects award from The Academy. I was very happy when it did win both those categories in addition to winning the Best Original Score and Best Director. The Best Director award was almost a sure shot for Ang Lee given the masterpiece he had created. By the end of the night “The Life of Pi” had scored 4 Academy Awards and became the film with most wins that night.

The top notch visual effects were very visible in many of the scenes in the movie especially the ones where the sea is calm. The screenplay, direction, production design all came together to make this movie a commercial and critical success. It has already grossed over half a billion dollars worldwide according to BoxOfficeMojo report. It will be scoring big in DVD and Blu-Ray copies as well, once it comes out. Everyone will love to see the award winning visual effects and cinematography in their living room in Full HD.

A must watch movie for all.

Rating- 4.5/5.0

Life of Pi is in theaters now.